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Apple MacBook Skins 2 Piece Set, 5 Sets

Apple MacBook Skins 2 Piece Set, 5 Sets


Custom orders, including large quantities and 4 piece sets please call
(855) 252-4784

Our Skins are manufactured from High-Quality, 3-mil materials. Each skin is precision cut on a computer controlled vinyl cutter for EXACT size and fit. We include the Skin and Application Instructions with every order.

  • Instructions

    Things You'll Need

    • Paper Towels
    • Glass Cleaner
    • Application Tool

    Application Steps

    1. Inspect your package for damage.
    2. Clean lid of laptop thoroughly with glass cleaner and paper towels. Make sure there is no sticker residue or leftover dust on your laptop lid.
    3. Once your laptop lid is clean, lightly wet the lid with glass cleaner.
    4. Remove your skin from the paper backing.
    5. Align the skin on the laptop lid.
    6. Lightly spray some glass cleaner on the laptop skin.
    7. Use a squeegee to remove the excess liquid from under the skin.
    8. Lightly dry the laptop skin with a paper towel.
    9. Apply any extra pieces, using the same method.
    10. Wait an hour to let the skin dry. When dry, seal the edges with your finger.
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